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thinking aloud

By susanperolls1, Nov 24 2015 09:11PM

Conferences are no longer contained within the four walls of a presentation room. Digital channels have made it possible for people to attend from around the world, present from different countries and create a 'go to' information resource after the event. Similarly social media has been a real game changer, providing an effecive way to create buzz before the event, give tasters of what the speakers will be talking about and ask questions before they even enter the door.

By susanperolls1, Nov 24 2015 04:56PM

At a recent Learning and Skills event at Olympia the buzz was fantastic. A vibrant and friendly bunch of people, all wanting to be involved in doing things better. It makes sense - the learning and skills industry is about constant and consistent improvement. It was therefore great to chat to exhibitors who had looked at what was missing in the industry and innovated to create new enhanced technology and thinking that can make a difference to what learning providers offer - and ultimately to those who benefit from new skills.

By guest, Oct 15 2015 02:41PM

- At £25K you would be employing someone junior - but by taking on a PR agency you would have access to a team of senior PR practitioners with extensive experience and a proven track record.

- You will access people who are happy and able to advise at a senior level - with credibility and an objective view. It means we tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear.

- We have strong relationships with a wide network of relevant editors and journalists whom we can call upon on your behalf and who like us - making them receptive to what we have to say.

- Because we work across a number of sectors we are able to bring you new thinking from other areas and incorporate the latest learnings in your PR programme.

- An in-house junior PR exec will be looking to build their experience and move on - whereas an agency can provide consistency in knowledge and approach.

- We have honed writing skills that can take client thinking and turn it into compelling copy - even with indepth bylined articles we distill our clients' thinking so well that they often give sign off with no amends.

- In our experience when PR goes in-house the role can easily get watered down and internal PRs often get tasked with responsibilites outside of their remit, diminishing their effectiveness. With an agency the focus is 100% on achieiving your PR objectives.

- Working with an agency means you have access to more than one person which magnifies ideas and thinking.

- As an agency we have the capacity to scale up and down to fulfill your needs, rather than being a set capital cost.